1. User must register on www.BooksNrby.com
  2. Select the correct option—either school books, college books or other books.
  3. Select the correct option—either donor or receiver of books.
  4. Enter the location PIN code (in case of school books, enter PIN code of school, for college and other books you can put the PIN code of the location where you reside) and other details.
  5. Our platform will match the person looking for the same set of books at the same PIN location.
  6. We will share the details of donor and receiver with each other. Receiver will collect the books from donor as per mutually agreed time from the address of the donor.
  7. On receiving the books, the receiver will submit a receipt on the portal.
  8. Donor will earn loyalty points that can be redeemed when s/he borrows/receives the books through this portal.
  9. Donor will get a certificate of appreciation from booksnrby.com.