Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. State Board school name not shown:

    As all schools in state board have same syllabus/books therefore, the option of school name in case of state board has been shown as below:

    • A:- Govt. Primary school
    • B:- Govt. Middle school
    • C:- Govt. Secondary school
    • D:- Govt. Senior secondary school
    • E:- Govt. School
  2. Receiver comes first and no donor available:

    In case, receiver of books come first and donor not available then receiver need to submit request for book and be registered and message shall be given that currently no books available basis your search criteria, you may search on the basis of nearest location.
    Register requirement of books and once donor available, they should be auto intimated basis matching criteria.

  3. Contact details:

    User may contact by submitting request form, we do not have phone nos. to display at this level.

  4. If receiver is unable to find books:

    Receiver has to get an option to search books with alternate search option Like other search window by putting key words

  5. Loyalty Points redemption:

    Registered user would be entitled to get 50 loyalty points on registration and on each successful donation (post submission of book receipt by receiver) would receive 5 points while on receiving/borrowing of book, 5 loyalty points would get reduced.

  6. What is the priority in getting books:

    This is on the basis of first come first serve basis.

  7. How I do know, which books are available:

    Please check availability by filling receiver form on desired criteria basis also you can check on website in featured books category.

  8. Is user access available only on website:

    User have option to access either through website or Mobile Application.

  9. How many books a single user can take:

    User can took any number of books subject to availability of loyalty points

  10. Can Institution be enrolled:

    This facility is strictly available for end user

  11. If complete set of books are not available, can we donate partially:

    Yes, there are two options either to select complete set of books or single book. In complete set of books, you can select particular subject which is available for donation.
    To donate more than one book of a particular standard, after selecting single book, fill all details and press Add more books option and fill the another book detail.

  12. Is any service charges applicable by website:

    No, the services are completely free for user.

  13. Can books be delivered to receiver by courier:

    No, books should be collected by receiver from donor.