Our Process

Step 1

Simply Sign up at BooksNrBy.com to become a
Donor / Receiver.

Step 2

Hey !! You receive 50 Credits to receive any book available for Donation, also earn Credits on donating your book who really need that .

Step 3

On Successful submission of your donation to Receiver you receive a “Certificate of Appreciation” for this great social cause and Credit points too.

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Our Ideology

Blog Post

BooksNrBy platform is a confluence of technology, education and economy. Something every user will feel proud of his/her contribution. A bliss for students, parents and readers. A gift to reading community. A legacy for the future generation
Nishant Rawat
It does not matter how much we donate; it matters whether the donation is meaningful. BooksNrBy is really a true reflection of this philosophy. Education and Environment brings enrichment in our life. This platform of books sharing will also help us to provide better tomorrow for generation to come.
Megha Nahar
BooksNrBy website and App both are very easy and simple to donate or receive books within our city without incurring any cost. This is unique concept to give and receive books without any cost and it also helps in reducing the cutting of trees